What I learnt from my first hackathon

  • Always have an offline version of the documentation
  • The Internet – don’t leave home without it
  • Don’t overthink things
  • Know your APIs inside out
  • Do not try juggling events
  • Learn to use git
  • Don’t loose your head
  • Implement one feature at a time
  • Have a working prototype to demo.
  • Don’t wait until your ready. JUST DO IT!


So I had a memorable “first” hackathon. 3 JS/HTML/CSS newbies. Power shutdown for the entire day. Snail slow net (no net for the most). Juggling two events. 6 hours. And we still managed to cook up a working prototype for the demo. 2nd place doesn’t sound too bad 😛


“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives…”

– Lemony Snicket


  1. You’re experience is very helpful.

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