1. Download the setup installer from http://www.dbvis.com/download/– Open a terminal and cd to the directory where you’ve downloaded the script
  2. sudo bash ./dbvis_unix_<version>.sh and if you get:
  3. No suitable Java Virtual Machine could be found on your system.The version of the JVM must be at least 1.5 and at most 1.7.Please define INSTALL4J_JAVA_HOME to point to a suitable JVM.You can also try to delete the JVM cache file /home/hershel/.install4j

  4. Check your version. I had 1.8 so I needed to install 1.7, refer Installing Java 7 on Ubuntu
  5. sudo update-alternatives —config java
  6. Pick a version between 1.5 and 1.7
  7. Run sudo bash ./dbvis_unix_<version>.sh again. It should work this time 🙂