The talk got accepted a month ago ( but I didn’t know if I’d be able to attend it. I couldn’t find an appointment at the Houston consulate for July, the entire month was booked but luckily someone cancelled last week so I made a quick trip to Houston. And I got my passport back today and saw the VISA was approved. So I’ll be attending FLOCK 2018 😀

Added a search bar for the messages archive ( Djangos’ module makes use of PostgreSQL’s full text search engine which made it pretty convenient to design a query to search against the messages, senders, and recipients. Using the SearchVector you can search against multiple fields. Maybe next week I can add an option to filter and sort the search results based on teh date or user.

Little bit of holdup on ( I thought it would be straightforward setting up the production and staging instance once the dev instance was done but ran into a lot of bumps:

  1. Client IDs and secrets: In certain cases, you can’t always set the environment variables with the client ID and secret which is why I opted to go with a secret.json file for the staging and production instance.
  2. JWK endpoints: Mozillas’ OIDC Django plugin throws an error if the JWK doesn’t specify ‘alg’ (the algorithm for the key). I filed a bug report here ( The way I worked around it in the dev instace was using the public key from here ( so I never had to use the endpoint. But I’m not entirely sure how to generate a public key for the production and staging instance from the JWK endpoint. So for now I’m thinking about making a PR to mozilla-django-oidc
  3. fedmsg: Finally, with the help of the infra team, got fedmsg to work in the staging instance. Had to publish messages to the relay.

Badge: So the badge is waiting on the logo for now ( Might still be able to get this done before since fedmsg is up and running.

Design: The logo request (, blue doesn’t seem like the appropriate color to express happiness.