Like I mentioned in my previous post What I wish I knew before I landed at UT Arlington your seniors are going to have the first pick of the courses nothing much you can do about that.

Get here early

International Orientation -> Departmental Orientation -> Pick classes!

You need to go in that order.

Pick the second last international orientation date (your dates shouldn’t clash with the departmental orientation).

So make sure you get here at least a week before your departmental orientation. Because you need to attend the International orientation and get your medical paperwork done before you can register for classes! I cannot stress this enough. You don’t want to be forced to take courses you don’t like (or those that don’t have much value). If you have prerequisites but you have already taken it in your undergrad, make sure you bring your mark sheets and your syllabus and waive it off.

bring your laptop

Before you attend the Departmental orientation pick the courses you want and add them to your cart. Bring your laptop along for the departmental orientation. As soon as your last hold is removed by the advisor. Open up your laptop and enroll yourself right then and there.


Check the UTA calender for enrollment dates

Get some coffee, your laptop (don’t forget to add the courses you want to the cart) and prepare to camp out in the library past midnight. You could do this from home but the computers in the library are a bit more reliable. If you do decide to use the libraries’ computer make sure you get there an hour early so you get a system (peak traffic the night before enrollment)

Try to stay logged into your MyMav account (a lot of people are going to be logging in so you might get kicked out). And keep trying to enroll yourself (Who knows you might get lucky?). Even if you get an email from the department saying enrollment starts at 7 AM in the morning, it’s probably going to open at Midnight. So don’t let your guard down!