Location: Mount Qingcheng, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

I consider myself a fairly good trekker, having conquered the Great Wall and all, I was feeling extremely optimistic about Qingcheng Mountain which happened to be one of the famous Taoist mountains in China.


Scenic view

So we started out from Chengdu and made our way to the place by bus, which was a 2 hour drive. Started at 11:00 or so in the morning. Reached the first temple fairly quickly, assuming that we were almost at the top we made our way up to the next temple, But little did we know that we still had a long way to go.


The first temple area was more of shops with all kinds of knick knacks. The second temple area was a little higher than the first temple area, so the view gets higher and prettier.


By the third temple I lost track of the number of temple area we had completed partly because of fatigue. This is where most of the others decide to turn around and start making their way backwards. This is where all those years of trekking comes into play. It was the heart burn that you got from over exerting oneself that was hard to bare. The step were small but steep and there would be stretches that didn’t have any stops in the way, you had to make it completely up or else you would be holding up traffic.


As you make it to the top most temple, the sight is just breath-taking. The temple itself is a sight to see. With a big statue inside it with big scented sticks. The way down is a little simpler.


You can choose to walk down the same way you came up or you could take the cable cart. The cable cart would take you to the lake around which you would have to walk to make it to the exit. The cart would cost 35yuan per adult.


The shops were another sight, there were statues and stones with the 12 zodiac signs imprinted on them. All along the way were farmers cottage which is where the food was to be found. There even small stall along the trek selling spicy potatoes, cucumbers, tofu and water.


The shops even had these really light shoes which are very fashionable and comfortable even for the climb. Probably should pick up one while your there. Then it was a long walk to the eating place across the parking lot. It was a big feast with so many different kind of options.


It wasn’t the best I ‘ve tasted in China but it was good enough to fill my hungry stomach after the long trek. We reached the restaurant by 4:30.


Then after we left and it was a long trip back on the bus. Everyone asleep on the bus aware that tomorrow the pain would finally set into our legs and attending class would be impossible, even though I did go to class the next day.

The little group

The little group