MozMIT makes its debut!


The newest addition to the CSMIT family is the Mozilla team – “MozMIT” a spinoff of the Firefox student ambassador program, was started the semester before. Its primary objective is to prep students so that they can actively contribute to the open source community(Mozilla in particular) as opposed to being mere users.

Mozilla has a number of projects under its umbrella so contributions do not necessarily have to take the form of code. A writer? There are a lot of new features that require documentation. If you are bilingual, consider translating articles, guides, tutorials etc.(L10N). If graphic design is your forte we have a place for you as well.


An “introductory” session was held last saturday at the computer centre in MIT mostly for the benefit of the new team members(so they know what they’re getting into). The speakers were Mozillians who actively contributed to various projects in Mozilla, technical and nontechnical – Shashank Gaikaiwari (Localization), Nikhil Patel and Achyuth KP(Appmaker, Thimble and Popcorn) and Vikneshwar (Coding). Plus the mozilla rep/evangelist Shreyas Narayanan Kutty.


The session got off to a good start after the ice breaker. And we managed to cover up everything in the agenda minus WoMoz, (support program for Women in Mozilla) ironically more girls had showed up that day. The Mozilla rep brought along his shiny new tab (Firefox OS) courtesy Mozilla (one of the few perks of being a mozillain) and we had a thorough demo on how to contribute to Mozillas codebase by Vikneshwar. The allotted 2 hours was a bit of a squeeze and before we knew it, it was time for lunch. We split up after the rep gave all the new members cute mozilla badges. So in short, it was a fun and productive session.


MozMIT is still recruiting. Drop by for one of our sessions to get initiated 🙂

What I learnt from my first hackathon

  • Always have an offline version of the documentation
  • The Internet – don’t leave home without it
  • Don’t overthink things
  • Know your APIs inside out
  • Do not try juggling events
  • Learn to use git
  • Don’t loose your head
  • Implement one feature at a time
  • Have a working prototype to demo.
  • Don’t wait until your ready. JUST DO IT!


So I had a memorable “first” hackathon. 3 JS/HTML/CSS newbies. Power shutdown for the entire day. Snail slow net (no net for the most). Juggling two events. 6 hours. And we still managed to cook up a working prototype for the demo. 2nd place doesn’t sound too bad 😛


“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives…”

– Lemony Snicket

Firefox OS: Hello World

Creating a HelloWorld app in firefox OS:

  • Make a folder “HelloWorld”
  • Create a text file in it, copy the code below into it and save the file as “index.html”
<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>First App</title>
 <h1>Hello World</h1>
  • Create another text file in the folder and paste in the below and save that as “manifest.webapp”
 "name": "First App",
 "launch_path": "/index.html",
 "icons": { 
 "128": "/img/anna.png"
 "default_locale": "en"

Make sure you get your launch_path right!

  • Go to the app manager in firefox (Type into the URL bar in firefox “about:app-manager”)

Screenshot from 2014-02-06 23:30:46

  • In the apps sections click “Apps”
  • Click “Add Pacakaged App”
  • Open the folder “HelloWorld” where your index and manifest files are
  • Click the “Start Simulator” button at the bottom and pick the Simulator you want to use.
  • Click the “Update” button for your app to install it.
  • Click your app from the menu to run it

And voila!

Screenshot from 2014-02-06 22:39:05


Firefox OS (very) quick setup

For my two lovely team mates(who haven’t yet setup their systems for the hackathon which is in 15 9 days) 🙂

  • You need a firefox browser (make sure it’s updated!)
  • The firefox os simulator addon (use the latest simualtor(stable or unstable) from here) installed in your firefox browser
  • Editor (could use gedit/notepad but I’m gonna try SublimeText)

That’s all for now. Will get around to the rest of it tomorrow.

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